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Social sustainability for schools

Social sustainability for schools


Social sustainability for schools


Inclusion and Diversity


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

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Course description

This course offers an in-depth understanding of social sustainability, focusing on European and Portuguese approaches. Ideal for educators, policymakers, and sustainability advocates, it aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to develop effective sustainability strategies, particularly for children and young people.

Key objectives include:

1. Understanding Social Sustainability: Grasp the core concepts and importance of social sustainability.
2. Recognizing Indicators:Identify key indicators of social sustainability in various contexts.
3. Legislation and Guidelines: Learn about relevant European sustainability legislation and guidelines.
4. Portuguese and European Approaches: Explore specific sustainability strategies employed in Portugal and across Europe.
5. Developing Strategies for Youth: Create practical sustainability strategies applicable to children and young people's environments.
6. Building a Sustainable Future: Learn to devise foundational bases and innovative strategies aimed at enhancing future sustainability.

The course blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing participants to contribute effectively to sustainable development in their communities.
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