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Effective communication on school dropout prevention

Effective communication on school dropout prevention


Effective communication on school dropout prevention


Inclusion and Diversity


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

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Course description

This course aims to enhance communication skills in educators, focusing on strategies to prevent early school dropout and create a positive learning environment. It's designed for teachers, school administrators, and educational counselors.

Course Objectives

  • General Communication Information: Provide foundational knowledge of effective communication in schools.
  • Understanding Early Dropout: Familiarize teachers with various aspects of early school dropout.
  • Communication Resources and Tools: Offer resources and tools to enhance teacher communication skills.
  • Motivation and Creative Thinking: Introduce methods to foster motivation and creative thinking in classrooms through communication.
  • Preventing School Dropout: Equip teachers with tools and strategies to prevent school dropout effectively.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Strategies to create a safe and inclusive environment in classrooms and schools.
  • Enhanced Teaching Communication: Explore advanced communication techniques within the teaching and learning process.
  • International Experience Exchange: Provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices among international students.
  • Building Direct Communication Paths: Create effective communication channels among parents, students, teachers, and school management.

Target Audience: Ideal for teachers, school administrators, educational counselors, and others involved in education, looking to improve communication skills and strategies to reduce school dropout rates.

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