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Educational equity

Educational equity


Educational Equity: Strategies and Management


Inclusion and Diversity


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

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Course description

This course is designed to provide educators and school administrators with a comprehensive understanding of educational equity, focusing on current statistics, trends, and European strategies. It aims to equip participants with the skills needed to effectively moderate and manage educational equity initiatives in schools.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Educational Equity: Gain insights into the latest statistics, prevalence, and trends in educational equity.
  • European Strategies: Learn about current strategies in Europe for promoting educational equity.
  • Moderation Skills: Develop skills to be an effective moderator within the school environment, fostering inclusive education.
  • Managing New Activities: Master how to manage and implement new activities aimed at enhancing educational equity.

Course Delivery: The course will be delivered through a blend of lectures, interactive workshops, case studies, and hands-on activities, ensuring participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical application skills..

Target Audience: Ideal for educators, school administrators, and education policymakers interested in promoting equity in education and developing effective strategies for managing school-level initiatives.

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