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Digital learning

Digital learning


Digital learning


Digital Erasmus+


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

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Course description

This course explores the digital transformation in educational settings, emphasizing the role of school leaders in navigating and implementing digital innovation. Ideal for school administrators, teachers, and educational policymakers, the course provides insights into enhancing a school's digital infrastructure and fostering a safe, innovative learning environment.

Key Objectives

  • Understanding the Digital Turn: Examine the role of school leaders in the digital transformation of schools.
  • Researching Digital Innovation: Learn about recent research in digital innovation within educational settings.
  • Upgrading Digital Infrastructure: Focus on integrating mobile devices, networks, and online learning tools.
  • Digital Safety Policies: Develop school-wide policies to ensure digital safety.
  • Supporting Pedagogical Innovation: Explore innovative learning scenarios and game-based learning approaches.
  • Resource Management: Understand creating, managing, and licensing digital learning resources.
  • Teacher Education & Training: Delve into teacher training for effective digital education.
  • Change Management: Learn strategies for supporting teachers, engaging parents, and involving the community.
  • Monitoring and Results Communication: Master techniques for monitoring and communicating digital innovation results.
  • Global Digital Innovation Examples: Analyze successful digital innovation examples from schools worldwide.

This course offers practical strategies and best practices for leading digital innovation in schools, ensuring a well-rounded and forward-thinking approach.

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