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Coping with stress on education

Coping with stress on education


Coping with stress on education


Inclusion and Diversity


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

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Course description

This course is designed to provide training coaches with a comprehensive understanding of stress management, healthy living, and the psychology of winning and losing. It is ideal for coaches, educators, and mental health professionals working with students.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Stress and Healthy Living: Learn about stress, its symptoms, causes in students, and the joy of life.
  • The Coach's Role: Explore the role of a training coach in stress management.
  • Stress Effects: Examine both positive and negative effects of stress on students.
  • Optimal Stress Levels: Learn how to capture and maintain optimal stress levels.
  • Coping Methods: Understand coping methods for the negative effects of stress.
  • Personality and Stress: Analyze character traits that affect stress management.
  • Psychosomatic Issues: Study stress-induced psychosomatic problems and diseases.
  • Self-Confidence and Psychology: Develop strategies in self-confidence, winning, and losing psychology.
  • Managing Tension and Emotions: Learn techniques to deal with tension, anxiety, distress, and anger.
  • Conflict Management and Prevention: Understand strategies for stress prevention and conflict management.
  • Anger Control: Gain insights into anger control techniques.
  • Effective Communication and Persuasion: Develop skills in effective communication and stress-effective persuasion.
  • Stress Management Models: Learn various models of stress management.

Course Delivery: The course will be delivered through a blend of lectures, interactive workshops, case studies, and hands-on activities, ensuring participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical application skills..

Target Audience: Ideal for coaches, educators, and mental health professionals seeking to enhance their understanding and skills in stress management and healthy living for students.

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