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Bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying and cyberbullying


Educational equity


Inclusion and Diversity


5 to 10 days


Braga | Portugal

Next dates:
21/01/2024 to 28/01/2024

Course description

This course offers in-depth understanding and practical skills in bullying prevention and cyber safety, tailored for educators, parents, and community members. Key objectives include defining bullying and its forms, discussing best practices for prevention, and learning active response techniques. Participants will learn to create and execute action plans for school and community events, adapting information for youth. The course emphasizes fostering individual value, rights, responsibilities, and skill development. It also focuses on expanding choices, building support networks, and engaging in community mobilization. Cyberbullying, online safety, recognizing abuse indicators, understanding legal frameworks, and establishing safeguarding strategies are integral components. This interactive course, ideal for those dedicated to creating a safer learning environment, blends workshops, case studies, and practical exercises.
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