Region of Braga


In the heart of the green and fertile province of Minho, the district of Braga stretches from the sea inland, with a wooded scenery that ondulates in gentle hills and valleys.

The city of Braga, perhaps Portugal’s main religious centre, is known for its baroque churches, splendid 18th century houses and elaborate gardens and parks.

The old city is solemn and antique, but industry and commerce have brought a lively lifestyle, with its universities, modern neighbourhoods, bars and restaurants.

On a hill about 3 km south east stands the sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, which is visited on Whit Sunday by thousands of pilgrims and is famous for its 18th-century architectural staircase. About a mile away lies Mount Sameiro, on top of which is situated a colossal statue of the Virgin Mary.

The whole district is famous for its popular feasts and festivals and for the local gastronomy, with many and varied original recipes.


Braga - Wonderfull City (Work done by Erasmus+ Participants)