UNEM 2018-1-BG01-KA204-047901


We are happy to share with you that our project “Free Platform for Training Search UNEM” – (funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, № 2018-1-BG01-KA204-047901) is progressing well and soon the platform will be live and available for public use! Despite the complicated situation created around the second wave of COVID19, last week in two days […]

Preparation for the 2nd LTT meeting

The #UNEM partnership is ready with the preparation for the second LTT on the #Erasmus+ project “Free platform for training search”! The partners from Anatolia Consult Braga mob 01infonet and @CVTdevelopment have prepared the criteria for the selection of participants, feedback methods, testing methods, and program of the event The next step is to perform […]

Online meeting – Progress of the platform making

The Erasmus+ project “Free platform for training search UNEM” has performed its fourth Transnational project meeting online, via the Google Hangouts platform on 18 June 2020. During this meeting all partners from , and discussed the progress of the platform making and what should be done in order to improve and perfect the intellectual output. […]

3rd Transnational meeting – Greece

The Third Transnational Meeting under the project “Free platform for training search UNEM” was held in Patras, Greece, and organized by the “01infonet” organization on 15-18 September 2019. During the meeting were presented IT technical requirements, Web design proposals, Feedback methods proposals. The partners set the tasks and activities until the end of 2019 and […]

2nd Transnational meeting – Portugal

The second Transnational Meeting under the project “Free platform for training search UNEM” was held in Braga, Portugal on 22-25 April 2019 and was organized by the Portuguese organization Aplicaproposta. On the meeting participated experts from all partner organizations: Infonet, Anatolia Consult and CVT Development, and Aplicaproposta (Braga Mob Open). The experts discussed the achievements […]

Brochure Presentation

Hoje, apresentamos mais informações do nosso projecto ERASMUS+ 2018-1-BG01-KA204-047901. Objectivo do projecto: Criação de uma plataforma eletrónica de pesquisa de cursos de formação aberta a interessados, de acordo com as suas necessidades individuais, onde os formadores se inscrevam e ofereçam os cursos adequados.

1st Transnational Meeting – Sofia

The first Transnational Project Meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, and organized by the Coordinating organization CVT “Development”. At the meeting participated experts from all partner organizations. – Contracts between the partners and the coordinator were signed during the meeting; – Tasks and activities were set up until the end of the first report period; […]